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Volunteers wanted

For each school year, we are looking for new volunteers. Deadline respectively in November of the previous year; if you are interested please contact Eberhard Helling (e.helling@brass-for-peace.de) or Monika Hofmann (m.hofmann@brass-for-peace.de).

Über die Mauer 2016

Participants of Über die Mauer met again in summer 2016 in Bethlehem. Find the internet diary, backgroundinformation, pictures and videoclips here: www.überdiemauer.de

The idea

The initial idea for “Brass for Peace” arose during a visit to Germany by Dr. Mitri Raheb, pastor in Bethlehem, in 2005. He envisioned brass musicians playing their instruments at the wall being erected around Bethlehem. » read more

Voices on Brass for Peace

ARD-Videoblog mit Richard C. Schneider: Blechbläser für den Frieden – Brass for Peace in Bethlehem, Dezember 2015

Schüler von BfP erzählen

Khaled Abu Dayyeh über BfP

What we want

“Brass for Peace” arose from the wish to become actively involved for peace in the Holy Land. We know how modest our efforts are in view of the huge questions and problems that surround the people there.
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Helenas 4rth Newsletter (July 2018)

Melanies 3rd Newsletter (July 2018)

Carolins Report of Summercamp (July 2018)

Dona nobis pacem, von Traugott Fünfgeld (Aufnahme in der Abendmusik in Gottmadingen, 22. April 2017)

Abana Lathi Fissama (Aufnahme in der Abendmusik in Gottmadingen, 22. April 2017; Satz: Monika Hofmann)

Flyer 2015

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