Instrument Donations

We are happy to receive used and new instrument donations, but please no flugelhorns, tenor horns, or the like, as they frequently lead to problems with intonation.

A few requests please:

If you would like to donate an instrument, please inform us. We arrange for the instrument to be checked by an instrument maker in Germany and transported to Palestine. Used instrument must (!) be in playable condition. Please donate only instruments that you would give to young German musicians – no ancient instruments. Instruments that have been gathering dust in the closet for decades are no fun for the children there either.

People have been very generous with their donations in the past, which is very gratifying. But recently, donations have been made without coordination. Some instruments were proudly brought to Talitha Kumi, but once there, they proved to have poor intonation or were even broken and thus of only limited use. We aren’t doing the children any favors with such instruments. There is also no instrument maker there! We had to bring one flugelhorn back to Germany to have it repaired. Help us avoid these problems by contacting us beforehand. This also allows us to keep an eye on what is available there and what is needed.

Even if you would like to donate a new instrument, we would be happy to advise you as to what is currently needed and coordinate the transport with you. There is no extra expense for you.

“Brass for Peace” says thank you very much!

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