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BfP performed in 2007 at the laying of the cornerstone for Dar al Kalima College (now "Diyar").

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Brass for Peace is not only active in Talitha Kumi, but contributes as well to other institutions in Bethlehem area.As of 2009, volunteers teach at the Lutheran school in Beit Sahour, where brass instruments are not completely alien. Years ago, the school already had student brass ensemble. Some students play also brass at the Scouts. With the brass project, Brass for Peace somehow revives an old tradition at the school.

The Lutheran congregation in Bethlehem is using a variety of different educational initiatives and institutions to ensure that the young people in the area will have the opportunity for a future in Palestine.

One component of this concept is musical training at Dar Alkalima School. The students not only learn to play an instrument, but are also taught the basics of music theory. Since January 2011, Brass for Peace teaches at the Dar Alkalima School. Meanwhile the brass project became an integral part of the school's musical concept.

Since the summer of 2010, Brass for Peace and the college have had a cooperation agreement – The qualified volunteers for Brass for Peace are available as teachers to support the Lutheran congregation in Bethlehem in this important task.

Every now and then, students of Brass for Peace play at the Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, during the service of Reverend Mitri Raheb as well as in concerts. As of summer 2013, first steps have been taken to build up a brass choir.

From time to time, Brass for Peace pays a musical visit at the German-speaking congregation in Jerusalem. It particularly contributes to services at the Church of the Redeemer and occasionally shares in concerts at the Ascension Church.

On Sunday, November 30, 2010, the young brass musicians from Talitha Kumi and Beit Sahour performed for the first time at the Christmas Market in Bethlehem. » more