We would be very happy if you would like to support the work of “Brass for Peace”.
You can help us in many different ways.

Cash Donations

“Brass for Peace” depends on cash donations to ensure our long-term brass music project.
We thank you for your donation more

Instrument Donations

We are happy to receive used and new instrument donations, but please no flugelhorns, tenor horns, or the like, as they frequently lead to problems with intonation. more

Offering messages for downloading

We have written texts of various lengths that you can read before the offering. You may adapt the text as needed. If you should need another text and cannot find one on the website, please contact the chairman.

Short offering message
Medium offering message
Long offering message

Receipt for Donations

The organization is happy to send you a receipt. But since we have no address on the wire transfer, please email Pastor Eberhard Helling at and request a receipt by stating your address.

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Bank Details

Int. Bank Account Number:
IBAN: DE58 4905 0101 0000 0603 19

Brass for Peace e.V.
Sparkasse Minden Lübbecke
Bank Code: 490 501 01
Account: 60319