Brass for Peace – what is it?

Since 28 February 2009 “Brass for Peace” (BfP) has been a registered non-profit organization. In this organization are brass musicians from all over Germany who are interested in our work and our aims and want to support us.

We have the following aims:

1. We would like to interest brass musicians in Germany for the situation in the Holy Land, raise their awareness of the complex situation, and travel there with them.

2. We would like to establish brass music in Palestine that, starting in the Christian schools and congregations, reaches many people, gives them joy, and encourages the praise of God in a complicated world.

3. We would like to facilitate contacts among brass musicians from the Holy Land.

The Idea

The initial idea for “Brass for Peace” arose during a visit to Germany by Dr. Mitri Raheb, pastor in Bethlehem, in 2005. He envisioned brass musicians playing their instruments at the wall being erected around Bethlehem. Is it possible, like long ago in Jericho, the wall might fall down under the sounds of the horns (and trumpets)? Since there was not yet a brass ensemble in Bethlehem, pastors Dr. Mitri Raheb, Eberhard Helling, and Friedemann Schmidt-Eggert (former Chairman of EPiD) developed the idea of a brass ensemble in and for Bethlehem. In the meantime, the “Brass for Peace” organization was founded and the initial idea began to take shape. “Brass for Peace” organized brass music campaigns in the Holy Land and in Germany and started a brass music project in the Bethlehem region.


Pfr. Eberhard Helling, Prof. Monika Hofmann, Pfr. Dr. Mitri Raheb (v.l.)

What we want

“Brass for Peace” arose from the wish to become actively involved for peace in the Holy Land. We know how modest our efforts are in view of the huge questions and problems that surround the people there. But because we add an unusual tone, our musicians from Palestine and Germany succeeded in giving a few moments of relaxation, distraction, and joy at very different places. We have performed in schools and churches, in a home for the handicapped, at squares, for taxi drivers at the wall in Bethlehem, and for church leaders at a construction site.

We would like to reach the people in the Holy Land, establish brass music with children and youth there, present our music in concerts and workshops, and thus share the wealth of our brass music culture with others. On the other hand, brass musicians from Germany gain insights into the situation in the Holy Land on our trips that are as authentic as possible. This is ensured by visits to various institutions and discussions with representatives from various groups of society in the Holy Land.

Bank Details

Brass for Peace e.V.
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